Manufacturing experience, production line, and facilities

“Raspredbaza” LLC, a potential licensee, has been involved in food production, its distribution and sales since 1993. The company imports fish to Kazakhstan, partly processes it and distributes fish products within Kazakhstan. The halal food processing is expected to be done in-house in the Kostanay region according to the certification requirements of Local or International halal certification bodies.

Technical characteristics of the production facilities of “Raspredbaza” LLC:

The facilities meet the human working condition.

Currently, the company employs 17 people.

Land plot area – 2,3863 ha.

Building area – 7307.5 m.

Warehouses – 40303 m3

Refrigerated warehouse – 23 С (cub.m.) 4407 m3.

Fish shop and garages – 2024 m3.

Vegetable storage – 165.9 m3.

The industrial and household building (including the canteen) – 3259 m3.


Railroad cul-de-sac – 2 cul-de-sacs, total length 608 m

Parking – 1500 m2


Electrical substation (kV) 10 / 0,4 (TM-400 kW, TM-1000 kW), reserve power supply of 2-input RU-10 kV

Natural gas – available on demand

Central water supply – two inputs 90 mm. and 50 mm.

Hot water supply and heating – autonomous with gas

Internet, telephony – high-speed Internet up to 8192 Kbps, a mini PBX with 30 numbers


“Raspredbaza” LLC has developed close relationships with existing retail chains and food stores. The company also handles customs and transportation operations.

Long-term capabilities

“Raspredbaza” LLC is capable of introducing new and innovative product lines and will be able to expand into additional product categories such as halal food, halal beverages, halal beauty and personal care products.

How many other licenses does the manufacturing hold?

“Raspredbaza” LLC intends to treat the acquired production technology as one of its primary brands with advertising and promotional commitment or it is open to maintain a stable of license (pay a required advance).

Marketing plans for the property

As part of an exclusive long-term collaboration with a licensor “Raspredbaza” LLC agrees to promote the brand and provide a marketing support.

Financial strength

“Raspredbaza” LLC is financially stable. The company has a steady cash flow and is ready to provide a licensor with bank and credit references to prove its financial status.

Reputation as a vendor

“Raspredbaza” LLC has an established reputation among retailers – the company delivers products on time, maintains a status for quality products, has long-term relationships with retailors. At the request of a licensor, the company will arrange for retailer references establishing its value for retailers as a vendor.


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