Partner with “Raspredbaza” LLC to grow your business in the CIS and Asia-Pacific regions


The Kazakh company, “Raspredbaza” LLC, acting as an anchor company in a partnership with several Kazakh producers of meat, vegetables, and fruits is looking for a licensor of a production technology.

The criteria for the ideal licensor are:

  • A company involved in organic processed food production, packaged baby food or a producer of meat, vegetable or fruit puree for babies.
  • A company willing to grow its business internationally through licensing of its technology.
  • A company, which is not yet involved in the halal sector in the CIS or Asia-Pacific regions.
  • A company, which did business with Russia before the sanctions period.
  • A company that has an established brand locally or abroad.

The following trends and advantages are listed hereinafter for your consideration of a strategic collaboration in the halal food sector with a group of Kazakh companies lead by “Raspredbaza” LLC in Kazakhstan.

  1. Growth of Muslim population and halal food market trends
  2. Halal baby food market trends in Kazakhstan
  3. Certification and infrastructure are essential to cater to Muslim-targeting businesses
  4. Kazakhstan as a strategic production and distribution place for halal food
  5. Why Kostanay regional infrastructure is ideal for halal sector
  6. Manufacturing experience, production line, and facilities of “Raspredbaza” LLC
  7. Sales forecast, distribution, sales tracking, ethical issues and etc.


DOWNLOAD “Strategic collaboration proposal” in pdf.

We are looking forward to establishing a mutually beneficial collaboration with you! Call us today +1 (514) 516 1178 or email us!

For more information, please visit our website and

Partner with “Raspredbaza” LLC to grow your business in the CIS and Asia-Pacific regions.

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