Kazakhstan as a strategic production and distribution place for halal food

the future of the global muslim population

10 largest muslim countries


Kazakhstan is widely known as a transportation and distribution hub situated between Europe and Asia. By now the Kazakh government has already built necessary international road and rail-transportation corridors for a smooth transfer of goods. As such, “Raspredbaza” LLC is strategically located in the Kostanay region in Kazakhstan opening access to the huge market of the former USSR (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan), to the free trade market of the Eurasian Economic Community (Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan) consisting of 182, 7 million Muslims.

Nearly three-in-ten people living in the Asia-Pacific region in 2030 (27.3%) will be Muslim, up from about a quarter in 2010 (24.8%) and roughly a fifth in 1990 (21.6%). Top-countries with the largest projected number of Muslims in 2030 in the Asia-Pacific region are Pakistan (256,117,000) Indonesia (238, 833,000), India (236, 182,000), Bangladesh (187,506,000), Iran (88,626,000), Turkey (89, 127,000), Afghanistan (50,527,000), and Iraq (48,350,000).

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