Halal sales forecasts in Kazakhstan


The following points are also for your consideration of a strategic collaboration in the halal food sector with a group of Kazakh companies lead by “Raspredbaza” LLC in Kazakhstan.

Sales forecasts 

The sales forecasts for the Kazakh halal meat segment represents a market of 18 million Muslim people consuming at least 30 kg of all types of meat per person annually which gives roughly more than 2 billion USD in sales.

Baby puree market equals to 778 million USD.

 What is potential licensee willing to pay?

“Raspredbaza” LLC is open to discuss with a licensor the desired royalty, advance or guarantees depending on the given segment, the support provided in technology transfer, brand popularity in the granted territory, sales forecasts in Kazakhstan and export volume to other countries.


Employees at “Raspredbaza” LLC are open to developing a close relationship with the staff of the licensor, which should help a partnership to succeed. Employees at “Raspredbaza” LLC will treat the licensor’s assets with care.

System and tracking

At “Raspredbaza” LLC, there are systems in place to track the success of the licensed line by channel and geographical regions. This will help to respond to the marketplace quickly, devote resources adequately and also elaborate detailed distribution and sales reports to make the collaboration more efficient.

Ethical issues

“Raspredbaza” LLC conducts transparent business processes, does not get involved in corruption and follows a social corporate responsibility program.

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