Webinar: Seize great opportunities in the biotechnological industries of Kazakhstan

February 20 (Tuesday), 2018 10:30 EST

Are you involved in the biotechnology, agricultural, food or pharmaceutical industries? Do you consider to do business abroad or growing internationally? Are you looking for ways to commercialize a technology, produce or distribute your products in CIS or Asian countries? The webinar “Open business opportunities in the biotechnological industry of Kazakhstan” is for you.


Why you should attend this webinar

  • Identify business development opportunities and incentives in the Kazakh biotechnology market
  • Get to know the challenges of the Kazakh biotechnology industry and how to avoid them
  • Get connected with Kazakh authorities and companies.

Program of the webinar

  1. The global drivers of the biotechnology industry
  2. The biotechnology industry in Kazakhstan: achievements, opportunities and key challenges of doing business in the Kazakhstan biotechnological market
  3. Promising segments, potential partnerships and entry mode-choices in the Kazakh biotechnology market

Price:   Free

Be the first to embrace promising business development opportunities in the bio- agricultural, bio food and biopharmaceutical segments of Kazakhstan.

Please, fill in the registration form to attend this webinar and receive a recording of it if you cannot attend it live.



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