How Kazakhstan is developing transcontinental transit potential and reviving global infrastructure


Kazakhstan, already identifying itself as a “bridge” and joining land between the economies of Europe and Asia, finds itself back in the heart of a new East-West efficiency logistic axis represented by the current surge of motorway, railroad and pipeline constructions.

The Nurly Zhol state development programme “The Walk Toward the Future” aims to modernize the infrastructure and internal transport apparatus, as well as it intends to encourage foreign investments in the transport / logistic and industrial / energy sectors so as to make the country more efficient and in step with the interconnection processes developing both on a global level and in the “Euro-Asian” strip.

Kazakhstan adopted a whole new approach towards infrastructure development. Expanded infrastructure became a driver of economic growth in two key ways: firstly, by the integration of the national economy into the global environment, and secondly, by the integration of regions within the country.

The attention was focused on exit routes from the country and the creation of transport and logistics facilities outside Kazakhstan. Thinking outside the box, the government is creating joint ventures in the region and throughout the world – Europe and Asia – building ports with direct access to the sea and developing transport and logistics hubs at nodal transit points. In that regard a special program called “the Global infrastructural integration” was developed.

A number of large country-wide infrastructure projects were implemented immediately leading to an increase of the capacity of transit across Kazakhstan. By 2050 – it is planned that this capacity will increase 10 fold.

Every industrial project is oriented towards one key goal – promoting exports to world markets where there will be long term demand for the country’s goods and services.

Within the country, “infrastructure centers” were created ensuring coverage of remote regions and places with low population density with vitally important and economically necessary infrastructure facilities.

Bearing in mind that continental infrastructures influence both the technological modernization processes and foreign policy stability, Kazakhstan geographical position and its constructive big neighbors (Russia and China), Kazakhstan has a great potential to turn into the great “Euro-Asia” logistic platform, a great centre to shift products and services and attract investments located in the golden “heart of the world”.

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