Successful practices of foreign direct investment in Kazakhstan

agriculture Kazakhstan-1

The huge land resources, the favorable geographical position of Kazakhstan, the capacity of the market of the CIS countries and China are among the factors attracting an interest of foreign investor in the agribusiness.

As an example, with the support of JSC “NUKH” KazAgro” three projects are being implemented. The cost of the projects is 8 billion tenge, or 49.7 million dollars, with attraction of direct foreign investments for a total of 2.3 billion tenge. These include two reproductive farms for two thousand cattle in the Akmola region (Kazbeef Ltd LLP), a reproductive farm for 3 thousand cattle in the Kostanai region (Global Beef LLP), together with the American company “Global Beef Investors”, as well as a feed mill with a capacity of up to 36.8 thousand tons of compound feed per year (“Agrotrading-2007 “LLP) with the German concern” Agravis AG “.

The Russian holding “Efco” has built plants in Almaty and North Kazakhstan districts with a total capacity of 660,000 tons of oilseeds a year. The plants process sunflower, rapeseed and soy. The volume of investments involved in the project is 26.6 billion tenge.

In the Akmola region, together with Chinese investors, the investment project “KazGluten Co LLP” is being implemented. Under the project, it is planned to build a plant for the production of glucose-fruit syrups, the enterprise’s capacity is 100.000 tons of wheat per year. The cost of the project is 18.5 billion tenge.

In addition, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between JSC “NUKH” KazAgro” and the Hungarian Export-Import Bank on the establishment of a joint fund for the financing of agricultural projects, mainly food industry projects.

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